Brain Foods- how to optimize your brain power

I think for a living. I am a civil litigation lawyer. Analyzing, giving opinions, initiating and defending lawsuits for clients, conducting trials, appeals, administrative hearings and judicial reviews, negotiations , mediations, arbitrations and collaborative law proceedings in Ontario.


When I started researching I found that I could increase my brain power.


What I have learnt I share with you in my powerpoint Brain Foods.


Brain Foods – Find out how to optimize your brain power.


Considers nutrition, hydration, exercise, and avoidance of brain-matter killers.


Review my powerpoint online or download it as a pdf from www. Foods.


Since consolidating my knowledge into the powerpoint I have learnt more. Do you require private counselling tailored to your particular situation?


Note to Readers: The law office of Linda H. Kolyn is not responsible for the use or interpretation of the information provided on the HealthGuide health information documents.

All HealthGuides are Copyright © 2015 Linda H. Kolyn. All Rights Reserved.

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