How to Cure Inflammation Naturally- Arthritis power point

Thirty years ago I suffered from Arthritis. Today I do not suffer from Arthritis.

The doctors tell me I have arthritis. But I feel no pain, discomfort or restriction of movement. The doctors do x-rays, m-r-i’s and other testing. So I do not doubt what the doctors are telling me is correct. But the doctors say that they wish all of their patients could feel no pain, discomfort or restriction of movement.


How to Cure Inflammation Naturally – Arthritis – One in two Canadians will suffer from arthritis or some other form of permanent inflammation. Learn how to use water, diet, clothing, exercise and vacations and more to control and prevent this painful, unnecessary condition.

What I have learnt I share with you in my powerpoint How to Cure Inflammation Naturally – ArthritisReview my powerpoint online or download it as a pdf from www. How to Cure Inflammation Naturally – Arthritis.

Since consolidating my knowledge into the powerpoint I have learnt more. Do you require private counselling tailored to your particular situation?

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