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A World of Difference- cookbook & textbook

The Eden Cooking School’s featured cookbook and textbook is A World of Difference, published by IMS Publishing and compiled by Wendy Eaton.

Modestly advertised as easy to make,delicious recipes compiled without dairy products, eggs, refined sugar, baking powder or soda, this vegan cook book is a must have, whether you are new to vegan cooking/uncooking or just searching for new ideas and approaches to some vegan favourites.

Wendy’s husband Jerry, who often demonstrated and lectured at the Eden Cooking School, assured all our guests, at every session that he attended, that Wendy had tested every recipe in the cookbook on her family before publication. Jerry’s testimony was that he had personally tasted  and enjoyed of all of the recipes in A World of Difference. As with all of us, Jerry had his own personal favourites.

Although before my time, I understand that the recipes in A World of Difference were collected from the hearts and kitchens of IMS members, primarily Canadian members.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of our featured cookbook and textbook please contact Linda at 416.236.8746 or $5.00 Canadian if you are picking up the featured cookbook and textbook, or $9.00 if posted within Canada. Additional postage charges may apply to elsewhere in the world.

Demonstrator’s Recipes from the Coordinator’s Files

Since its inception in 2010, I have not always had success in persuading the Eden Cooking School demonstrators to demonstrate the recipes chosen to teach a particular food or other nutritional theme. But I have been blessed with demonstrators who offer to demonstrate their own recipes. So seizing the opportunity has resulted in approximately 100 recipes from the hearts and kitchens of our demonstrators, all of which I have taste-tested.

Now collected and to be published in a limited edition run, for the sum of $10.00 Canadian, if picked up in person, or $14.00 if posted, the recipes range from soup through condiments, seasonings, entrees and desserts, including vegan ice creams.

If you would like your own copy, please contact Linda and order yours today. 416.236.8746.